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why an art stall?

As an artist, sometimes you're contemplative. As I'm moving forward in my art journey, I've really loved some of the painting outcomes. While others have fallen short despite my enthusiam. Fluid art is so unpredictable. And while I love that aspect, it's also one of the most frustrating aspects of that style of painting.

So, I can have a painting that doesn't hit the mark for me. For whatever reason, it doesn't speak to me and just doesn't have "it." The color might be off, or maybe the composition doesn't hit the mark. Is there something there that can save it from the scraping tool? If there is, I'll invite it to live with me for a while.

I wanted a sort-of holding area for those pieces of uncertainty. Pieces that don't hit the overall target as a whole, but yet there's a part that stands out and tells me it's worthwhile. A stall came to mind. I normally think of horses when I think of stalls. And, I love horses. But this is a place where I can put paintings I'm not sure should make the Art Cafe. Because, sometimes a painting has to live with me for a while. I may continue to work on it. Or my husband might see something I don't. Or I may choose to paint over it. As songwriter Paul Carrack says, "It may have a new perspective. On a different day."

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

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