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Art by Soñador (pronounced Sonyadore) is derived from the Spanish word for dreamer,

which is Soñador, and from my name, Sonya.

"I dream my painting and I paint my dream"  — Vincent Van Gogh



I'm mostly a self taught artist, inspired by nature and emotions. Creativity is something that flows through you, and so water and its presence in my life are very important. I'm a pluviophile by nature, so when it rains you can often find me out walking and enjoying every pleasurable minute.

I took three years of commerical art in high school and a year of fine arts at a local college where I aspired to further my art education in a big city. But, life happened. I did finally end up moving to a big city and working in Washington, D.C. metro area for a dozen years in a profession far removed from the art world. But, life eventually took me back to the country where I belong; at a lake surrounded by nature. 

In my spare time, I own and operate an RV park with my husband where I can be found weed-eating, digging in the earth, and doing all the things that go with that job.


"Art is to console those who are broken by life"

Vincent Van Gogh

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