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Boundaries and Limitations

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Working through boundaries and working with limitations. Boundaries are dividing lines. We all have them in our lives, which are necessary for obvious reasons. They make us feel safe. They keep us out of trouble. But, when it comes to art, there are boundaries that can limit creativity.

Maybe there's no red paint left. Maybe there's a specific set of colors needed in a commission that we're not used to working with. Or, maybe we're afraid of trying a new technique.

These types of limitations come through our own thoughts. For example, I can find myself thinking about the cost of a wasted canvas. And, how it's especially easy to waste paint with fluid art. And, what about the other things I could be doing if I weren't using this time to paint. These types of boundaries can limit us from doing what we need to do and becoming who we're meant to be.

But, limitations are what can cause us to step back and rethink, or essentially recreate or break boundaries that keep us from achieving our best work. They can be the catalysts that propel us to create. In these moments we have to make an effort. Change our thoughts. Change our choices. Change what we tell ourselves. Change the flow of creativity. It's within our control to let go and surrender ourselves to the possibilities that we may make a mistake, and we may fail. That is the path taken to beautiful things.

I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort—and disappointment and perseverance" — Vincent Van Gogh

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